Coffee Shop Project Character

Coffee Shop Project Character




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Coffee Shop Project Character

Project overview

Team A plans to open a coffee in a small Midwestern town that has none. Team A hopes that this coffee will cut a niche for itself in the community by offering consumers a place to relax and enjoy themselves while at the same time creating employment opportunities in town.

Project assumptions

Assumptions are prevailing/current and future factors that are not within the power of the project but ultimately influence the success of it.Every business project begins with assumptions, they are a great way of gauging the project about possible challenges and opportunities and once the project has been kick started it can be evaluated on the basis of assumption made prior to it. A business manager must learn to distinguish between primary and derivative assumptions. Primary assumptions are those that are concerned with matters such as who the customer really is and what he wants while derivative assumptions are those that are concerned with profit forecasts and return on investment. However, according to Block (1989) assumption can stand in the way of perceiving business realities on the ground. Assumption can be made when one understands the customers need and alternatives available to them to meet this need. In our case, the small Midwestern town doesn’t have any other coffee shop but people other ways of relaxing in town that’s why the project is thinking beyond a coffee shop focusing on much more. Some of the possible assumptions in this kind of project:

User acceptance

  1. There will be a good shop locate on a busy street in town that the project can lease and start up the project
  2. The local authorities will give the necessary approval for the project
  3. The bulk of our customers will be young people who want to have some time with friends
  4. Most customers want an intimate and quiet coffee shop to relax and enjoy themselves
  5. The coffee shop will have 3 fulltime sales persons
  6. We will make sells worth $500 on average in our first month
  7. The coffee shop project should be started in one six months

A user acceptance criteria is a set of conditions that a project must meet or fulfill to be accepted by customers. The success of a project depends on its ability to meet and satisfy the customers’ needs, both documented and perceived ones. Team A intends to rent a spacious building in town where they can start off the business after doing all the necessary groundwork; licensing, market research, acquisition of necessities required for running a coffee shop.

Some of the conditions (criteria) that must be in place for the user and project to accept the project:

We will now consider how to use the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) quality management framework to ensure customer satisfaction and acceptance. AHP is a decision making process where a problem is broken into various elements then a list of priorities made according to how this factors affect a decision( Saaty,1980).

  1. Business research to be done about viability of the project before it starts
  2. The town’s local authority to issue approval before the coffee shop can open
  3. The user can use a credit card to make purchases
  4. Regular customers to receive a thank you message once a week
  5. Coffee will not be served on credit ( rather on a pay as you take basis)
  6. The coffee shop to open at eight in the morning and close at nine in the evening everyday
  7. Wi-Fi to be available but customers can use only after purchasing coffee
    • Customers to be refunded in case of poor service at the coffee shop
    • Home deliveries can be done upon written request
  8. Definition of task

    Quality committee review

    1. Break down all elements that are interrelated with the overall goal placed on top while the main attributes of the project placed below.
    2. Collect data about competing decision elements, threats and possible rivals to the project
    3. A deeper evaluation and analysis is done about the strength of the coffee shop; is it customer friendly? Does the coffee shop create any memorable moments for the customers? What are possible weakness that a similar project can exploit and use to its advantage? A final score is awarded after looking at all these considerations to determine the success of the project.

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