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Community-based patient advocacy group

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Re: Types of accrediting agencies and provider report cards that currently exist

With reference to or objectives aims and mission statements we need to provide continuous improvements on the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of health care accreditation, cards and other related services that support performance improvement in health care. Students, families, employers, and taxpayers depend on accreditation as a critical marker of health care quality services. The various accreditations can be found in the following sectors.

Measuring quality improvements on health care require NCQA Accreditation that shall help Community-based patient advocacy group win health operations, meet regulatory requirements, and distinguish ourselves from the competition. Accreditation will support quality improvement and values of general public.

Public should access resources available through free online resources to help them select a health plan or physician that provides the top-notch care that they deserve.

Members of public should be made aware of NCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Ratings for 2016–2017 that cover private, Medicare, and Medicaid health insurance plans. The plan is based on their combined HEDIS®, CAHPS® as well as NCQA Accreditation standards scores.

Health plan report card is a NCQA health plan report that help members of public to choose a health plan which is right for their families. The NCQA report cards contain hundreds of health plan for families to select.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is one of departments that operate a large accreditation program for early childhood health care services. One of their three broad goals is: through acquisitions of accreditation we shall be able to serve public with Support to early childhood health care services by working to achieve a high-quality health services to children below 13 year.

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