Community Teaching Plan Community Presentation

Healthcare services

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Community health centre Public health careFacility transitional centre Home health centreSchool health careChurch communityAdult careChildren care centre


These are health centers’ owned and managed by the government to ensure good health services to all people.Services offered;Treatment ImmunizationPre-natal ClinicsPost-natal Clinics

Public Health clinic

This is a an organization that was started in Florida to provide health care services in a high quality and affordable means to people.Services offered include; Family MedicinePediatricPharmacyDentist

Community Health centre

These involves a range of services and support that are meant to cater for healthcare services of the individual.Services offered include; Skilled nursing care servicesGood services in a long term hospitalAppropriate home health services

Long-term care

Transitional care involve a bridge that connects hospital to home. The facility transitional care provides excellent care to speed up recovery when the patient leaves the hospital (Sheng, 2005). They offer advanced clinical services and comfortable facilities that enable one to recover quickly.

Facility transitional care

Home health care

This a software designed to make health living easy and time saving. The software enables one to keep records on his or her health records and also do research on some of the symptoms one would have.

It is a school based health care unit that is equipped with qualified nurses who provide health care services to the students.The school health care attends specifically to the school fraternity (Sheng, 2005).The students ‘medical history is required in order to give appropriate medication.

School health center

What is a church community?Church community is a group of Christians who are united by faith and come together to worship and pray.’ They also willingly participate in charitable activities like giving donations

Church community

These are safe and well equipped centers’ that were developed to offer special care to the dependent adults (Chang, 2005). The units provide day time care to the adults as well as offering support to the family. They offer physical ,mental and socil support to the adults.

Adult care centre

Child care centre

These are specialized centers’ that offer baby care services to children during the day (Chang, 2005). The centers’ are well equipped with playing equipments that will help the children to engage their minds for creativity development.

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