Compare and Contrast News Article

Compare and Contrast News Article

Joan Cournyer

Colorado State University – Global Campus

Compare and Contrast News Articles

The two articles that I will be comparing and contrasting one of each from World News and the other is from Pacific Standard news. The world news topic that I chose is William Rivers Pitt Stars Fell on Alabama: The Beautiful Defeat of Roy Moore. This article was dated December 13, 2017. This article was written by William Rivers Pitt. The Pacific Standard News Headline is Donald Trump is Everyone’s Fault. Wondering why Trump is doing so well? Blame yourself. Written by Fuzz Hogan on March 1, 2016.

Both of these articles seem to only have one photo through out the article and the article is very long. The news on World news is about Jones had won the Senate race and is the first Democrat to win in more then 20 years. The news article seems to be for the race and that there is a Democrat in the Senate chair for Alabama. The News from the Pacific Standards is about Donald Trump how he is doing so well. But, it starts out with the election in 2008 with President Obama and how the Americans after the election was not keeping up with what the president was doing. Then with President Trumps election had more viewers for longer because they seen Mr. Trump on his own reality tv shows.

Both articles seem to be for the people and want you to really interested in the articles. Both seem to have different ways that they get the information out and perceived the information. World News is letting the information like it is a second person there. The Article on President Trump they tell the story just like you were there when it happened. Other then that it seems to b very similar in all the other aspects of the articles.

This essay was on two different articles and two different headlines and lastly they were a little over a year apart from each other. I wrote my essay on comparing and contrasting two different articles from two different news sources. The first one was an article from World News and the second one was from Pacific Standards news. Both articles were very interesting to read, but personally I am not a political person and I do not know when there is anything new going on in the world except for when the election was on.