Computers and Microprocessor

Computers and Microprocessor





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Computers and Microprocessor

Computers and computing devises are generally made up of output, input devices and storage devices (Price, 2011). Input devices include;

Output devices;

  1. Mouse
  2. Keyboard
  3. Scanner
  4. Touch screen
  5. Joysticks
  6. Graphics tablet
  7. Musical digital interface

Storage devices are;

  1. Speakers
  2. Monitor
  3. Printer


  1. Hard disks
  2. Flash disks
  3. Compact disks
  4. Solid state drives
  5. All computers have microprocessors embedded in them since it is the brain of the computer that performs all the instructions and every other calculation that is inputted to the computer. It is a programmable device that accepts digital input, processes them according to the instructions given, and provides the results as the output. A microprocessor is therefore an integrated circuit that has all the functions of the CPU. It is the most crucial part of the computer as it performs all the operations. Microprocessors have found several applications besides the computer (Dixon & Antonakos, 1987). Some of these applications are Smart phones, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and also in robots. Their complexity in functionality has enabled it to do all these.
  6. There are several house hold products that do not contain microprocessors but will definitely have it applied in the next 20 years or even earlier. Some of these products include washing machines, fridges and connected homes. Washing machines should have embedded microprocessors because they should constantly be regulated for better cleaning capability and should automatically terminate when the clothes are clean. Fridges should also be regulated since different conditions that affect the operations of the refrigerator. If they are properly regulated they could end up saving the cost of operation a great deal. Connected homes are basically a new idea of how all home equipments are connected together so that they can be operated at a particular point. These appliances communicate synchronously and thus are able to be automated. A powerful microprocessor will be required to be at the core of all these.
  7. Professional organisations play very important roles in shaping my career and my personal professional life. They are always give guidance on how different things are run dynamically in the industry. These organisations are also responsible for providing me a job opportunity to deliver my IT knowledge and serve them accordingly as asserted by (Preston, 2001). They are thus very important in my field. Having my services there will benefit everyone in the society. These professional organisations Will be the inspiration of other young people in my career field. They will be inspired to join and

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