Conflict Management Approaches in the Police Agency

Conflict Management Approaches in the Police Agency




Conflict Management Approaches in the Police Agency

Police agency is part of the law enforcement and they are entitled with the duty of dealing with conflicts within the society. There are an array of activities that are undertaken in everyday life within the society and for this reason, conflict must be registered since different people get to interact. This therefore called for the need of the police agencies to organize for the implementation of programs intended to improve police officer’s ability to handle and deal with social and interpersonal conflict. Below is a discussion on the various approaches used by the police in conflict management.

There are two areas of conflicts which are internal conflict and external conflict. With internal conflict, it occur within a person. Internal conflict occurs when an individual’s values or morals are compromised. This conflict causes an individual to suffer from stress and sometimes if the situation is not remedied the individuals can commit suicide. The police agency has however come up with ways that they can manage. For example, where there is an internal conflict, the police agency can help the individual manage using the avoidance method. This is where by the law enforcement teaches the victim how to avoid the conflict disturbing them by ignoring.

The external conflict occurs within the environment of an individual. It could be a disagreement between two parties and it results from the activities we undergo in day to day life. In such a conflict, the police agency manages the conflict through various ways, it could be through mediation or negotiation. With mediation, the two parties come together and the police officer acts as the mediator and brings peace between the parties. With negotiation, the police agency listens to both parties and helps the parties to come up with the best solution to the conflict.

However, whatever strategies the police agency choose to manage conflict among members of the society, they should consider avoiding a tone that may result to negative emotions to the victims. The police officers should always learn to control their emotions when managing conflicts.


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