Conflict Management in Communication

Conflict Management in Communication




Conflict management

The conflict described in this statement is interpersonal. Interpersonal conflicts occur when two people in the same organization conflict, in our case Isabella and Emma. This disagreement arises as a result of the method that they will apply in training the new committee. While Emma deems it fit to use the hands-on training, Isabella is of a contrary view, and according to her, it would be better to use the lectures approach. They are unable to reconcile on the most effective method to use, and their conflicting opinions lead to a conflict.

Different strategies can be used by the management to solve this kind of conflict and to ensure pleasant and harmonious working environment. The administration can prevail upon the two individuals to embrace constructive conversation. They can also help the duo to come up with the most suitable method of training the committee members. This can be done by analyzing all the alternatives and settling on the most suitable one. The management should also encourage good communication between Emma and Isabella to ensure that, such instances are not replicated in the future. The kind if interpersonal conflict existing between Emma and Isabella is not right for the clinic. This is because it can affect many things in the clinic negatively. It can lead to other conflicts arising if not solved and this can lead to low productivity. It can also lead to deterioration of relationships between other employees especially if they are to take a side. The relationship between the management and the junior employees would also be impacted negatively. The divergent views of an occasion this seniors, when the seniors cannot reconcile, then the juniors will align themselves with the ideologies that they prefer, and this will lead to splitting of the staff. The ultimate result of all this will be diminished Customer confidence and eventually loss of customers. To avoid all this, it is prudent for the management to solve this issue amicably so that it does not recur again.


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