Connected Refrigerator

Think about products that you would love to see revamped to meet your needs or a new product that has not yet been created.

Create a video showing the product that you would like to see revamped. Describe the changes you would like to see.

Suggest who the target market is for your new creation.

Connected Refrigerator

One of the many products that I would like see revamped to meet my needs is the fridge. We are all used to it performing the usual takes when instructed to. I am thing of a situation where I personally need to regulate the temperature. I would like to remotely do this wherever I am so that when I arrive I can find everything just in the right temperature that I like.

Smartphones offer an ideal remote connection. The fridge will be connected to WiFi network at home then the internet so that it can continuously push updates to my phone and I can instruct it what to do; when to cool or not to or other information. This will greatly help me in turning on the cooler before I get home increasing convenience and reducing wait times. This also saves electricity and drinks that don’t constantly need to be cold will save on electricity.

There are also situations where I forget to switch to the right temperature desired. This can help me to quickly do this remotely.

Such fridge will also give me monitoring reports and I am always in a position to know whatever is going in.

An image feed from the fridge will enable me know if i need buy more groceries and drinks when coming home from work. This will save on food wastage and car fuel if I was to go back to the store to get them.

In essence, such a modern day connected fridge will save me a lot of time which I could do other things that are of more importance to life.

The target market for this kind of a product is people who are working and have little time for themselves. This product will always keep them updated about what is of importance t them; food. Many people nowadays have smartphones and might be interested in this kind of refrigerator.