Core Values

Core Values






Core Values

Values are universal and integral; this therefore means they are a very important part in any communication and interactions among different people. Values can be defined in various manners but the end result I to find a suitable one that correctly puts it. Several scholars muddle through to get a good enough definition. I then would pick the definition from the oxford dictionary and it defines values as principles or standards of one’s behavior, ones behavior of what is important in life.

On the other hand values can be said to be ideally a generalization of principles that guide human comportments which we are justified in accepting and which we apply to certain individuals under different circumstances and their presentations. Values in most cases do define who we are and in the adoption we consider them as most important to us in most cases.

There are different types of values, four to be specific. Individual values are those that are reflected in our lives and are principles we go by every single day and are applicable to our lives. Relationship values are those that point towards how we relate with others eg trust among others. Organizational values reflect majorly on the manner in which the organization presents itself to the whole world as well as how it works to achieve its set goals. Lastly the societal values, they are those that show how the organization and the employees relate the relationship in this case is mutual to the parties involved.

Examples of human values include kindness love openness loyalty respect, justice, peace, honesty and equality. They are discussed as follows respect being paramount, it is required of a person to show respect to another. This means that we are to be able to appreciate one another. This is broad and goes beyond just appreciating but accepting each individual as they are. Respect can be that of the views and ideas, qualities of the persons input and character having in mind the differences that come with every person. It is from this respect that we are able to establish our social status and principles generally.

Human values contribute greatly to wards morality in the society and ensure peaceful coexistence among people. My values help me to align myself easily with the people I come helps identify my priorities and how I address certain matters when they present .in most occasions they would equally affect the reaction that I carry. Having full knowledge of my values I then would react differently to different issues. I often try to match up my behaviors to the values I hold. belief in others is second in many occasions how we view others and treat them affects how they develop e.g. it either lifts them up or destroys them . The more you lift others the more confidence you develop this resonates well with me as an individual and the benefit gets to all of us and not a particular individual.

The nature of values in the work places is that each company or work place makes its own values or principles that would then govern the employees in the place and makes it a required that they are adhered to by all persons by virtue of being employees there. Most employers actually tend to put up values on how they would like to see their employee conduct themselves within the work place such that in the event there is failure to adhere to the values there are sanctions to it e.g. terminations or suspension.

The importance of the values are as follows: they help us distinguish and separate the good from the bad. In the workplaces the values help create an atmosphere that is accommodative to every individual hence the achievement of the goals that have been outlined in the company’s requirement due to the fact that every person is maintaining their own values for the good of every person. The other importance of the values at the workplace is as follows: they ensure there is smooth operation within the workplace. They ensure that order is maintained and upheld to avoid confusion arising out of all individual values being incorporated at once.

The other importance is that they ensure that one gets satisfaction of our individual or collective needs within the organization as a whole. By making use of or values in decision we are able to identify and make deliberate choice of the points to focus on as a team in a work place.

Some of the values we acquire them by being a part of a group of people or the team we relate to more often. These then may be referred as the personal and cultural values. Personal are those that we acquire through a period of time and tend to change in the influence if the external factors affecting the values that have been cultured since childhood. Some of the changes might be instigated by societal influence and development e.g. the technological world and exposure.

Cultural acquisition on the other hand are largely influenced by the cultures shared among people in most cases the ethnicity in nature. Values change based in the individual transformations. This is because the values are affected by the responsibilities that one is made accountable for. Some of these values change with age, economic diversity as well as the society in general.

Values push us to deliver rational decisions that are for the development of the workplace. They also ensure we work in togetherness to ensure the achievement of the organizations goals. Thirdly, values create a respectable and comfortable work environment that would ensure individual growth as well as the organizations. Workplace values require that the employees must treat others with respect irrespective of the status or positions that they hold there. This would then be both individual and those that we relate with around us. Equal chance is given to all members to participate. Integrity and accountability go hand in hand and this then makes sure all of us are held responsible to the roles that we have been assigned at our work places.