Correctional Support Presentation


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Correctional Support

Correctional officers as well as police officers are there to protect and serve the citizens of the United States.They give the support that the world lacks when it comes to JusticeCorrectional support is related to support of the victims who have been victimized through different crimes.

The Community

The prevention efforts have been targeted towards the youth which has helped with the evaluation of gang prevention.The youth are able to have opportunities provisionSocial interventionOrganizational change and developmentSuppressionSignificantly able to improve the development of an implementation plan.

Helping Vitcims Of Crime

Evaluating exactly what it is that you want to do after a crime has been committed to youLearning and having patience with Seeking Justice through the court systemGathering the resources needed to help the victimDifferent resources may include support of different groups counseling making sure that you have shelter in victim compensation

Prevention Efforts

Prevention efforts has helped so many different children in the community in so many different aspects number one being keeping them out of gang affiliationWhat prevention efforts also help the community when it comes to the crime rates through the youth and it also helps with education kids are more prone to educate themselves with prevention effortsIt has been able to help reduce drug abuse

Rehibilitation Efforts

Including evidence-based practicesSuccessfully create a change in the communityUtilizing A restorative justice modelRehabilitation efforts within the community can help different people with different problems especially people who are suffering from drug addictionsRehabilitation efforts within the community can definitely Target the growth and help them to become less involved in dramatic crimes today.

Evidence Based Practice

Focuses on reducing offender’s riskWhich will help reduce new crimeSome of the strategies that have been proven to work is known as risk-reduction strategiesHow should I identify the issue and the person who is responsible for the issueIt also helps you to identify the person who is responsible for the actions that has been committed


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