corrections Research Paper and Evaluation

Corrections Research Paper and Evaluation






Corrections Research Paper and Evaluation

In most countries, laws are enforced by the criminal justice system. As shared by (Braswell, BR McCarthy & BJ McCarthy, 2014), the people responsible in breaking the laws are usually held to custody or imprisoned. However, age is the determinant of the punishment one can be given for the crime committed. Children below the age of 18 usually go through juvenile where adults go to the adult corrections system. The juvenile and adult corrections system have parole and probation incorporated in them for purposes of helping the rehabilitation of the offender. Community corrections is also another system used mostly in cases where jail or prison are not necessary (Braswell, BR McCarthy & BJ McCarthy., 2014)

According to (Alarid, 2016), probation and parole are mostly under community corrections. Probation is used instead of jail or prison where one is supervised within the community. Parole however, is where one is supervised by parole officers in the community, after they have been released from prison. Both parole and probation deal with supervising offenders in the community. As shared by (Alarid, 2016), the community correction agencies are responsible for investigating cases in order to give justice and parole the support they need when they make decisions concerning facilities used by residents, the security and community service jobs the offenders are given in local organizations.

According to (Braswell, BR McCarthy & BJ McCarthy, 2014), probation and parole agencies have both justice systems working with them. The work of the probation and parole agencies affects other agencies because of the direct implications they have, thus their work is taken seriously. They thus collaborate or become partners with the other agencies for efficient and good flow of information. In cases where they have collaborated or partnered with other agencies some of the things should be made in agreement like the goal of the partnership or collaboration and its mission.

The organization and administration functions of jails, prisons, probation parole, juvenile and community corrections that have a reflection on the operational and fiscal demands are in their programs, delivered services and also the working staff responsible for making the correction forms that are being run everyday. Parole, probation and community corrections have been lately used due to the increased number of people admitted in jails or prisons (Glaze & Parks, 2011).

(Glaze & Parks, 2011) shares how parole and probation usually use the programs they use to operate. An example is their case classification system that is responsible for giving the parole board a go ahead on the cases they should give either an early or late release. When the parole board has made their classification on the early release for parole, probation determines whether the case is of high or low risk using the same classification system. After that has been made, the community corrections become involved to provide the offenders with work and facilities (Glaze & Parks, 2011).


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