Counseling Professional Interview Reflection Overview

Counseling Professional Interview – Reflection


In an interview with Dr. Sola Kippers, it was clear that Dr. K is very experienced in her field and willing to share her knowledge with students who are on the path to success in mental health care. Dr. K has gone through multiple educational programs in order to attain her very impressive credentials from undergraduate to graduate studies. She has taken her training with courses and licensures to shape her specialty into what she wanted it to be. Dr. K specializes in grief, substance abuse, and relationship counseling. This is interesting particular because it is not clear that a person can focus on different types of counseling at the same time but this is proof that it can be done.

In her discussion of the things that had led to her current place in her career, she highlighted many of the issues and problems that she has come across. This information is helpful because it allows for a person who is just starting that journey to get a good sense of the struggles that are to come as well as the positive aspects. Dr. K reports that it is a challenge to keep up with time management, self-care, and that there is a lot of multi-tasking involved but that in seeing the progress of clients and being able to advocate for their mental health is a great reward.

In this interview, Dr. K gave some really helpful advice as this student continues in her studies. In reference to Capella courses in particular, she discusses the importance of reading all of the required and suggested readings because this is what will give the most knowledge about topics. She also discusses that in this field, a continuance of learning is key such as with CEUs.

Dr. Kippers helped me to understand things I was already most aware of but what I did not know about the field was that after I obtain my licensure, I can take additional certification classes in order to expand my areas of specializations. One of the main reason I chose this field was because of the many different things that one can do in the field and she has made me realize that I can do a multitude of different things in the field.

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