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Course Reflection





Course Reflection

The familiarization on statistical analysis is very important as it builds students reasoning which focuses greatly on cognitive development. The concepts in statistical analysis help in acquiring knowledge and skills in which the learner is able to read and write. It also helps with knowledge on how to connect different statistical ideas on variability. In addition, the knowledge helps in evaluation of data and interpretation of results from any research (Johnson, 2008). For instance, by comparing an individual with statistical skill and another person who lack the skills makes a very big difference.

Leaners tend to develop a negative attitude towards statistics but them very important in developing ones cognitive skills. Careful use of instruments has helped me in developing perception of statistics in a better way. Skills in quantitative reasoning are very important as it equips the learner with the competence as it acts as liberal for arts. These skills are very important as they help in evaluation of data in modern life. In today’s life there is simplification and provides the students with basic understanding of numerical data. It has helped in solving mathematical problems and can also be applied in other subjects.

According to Dixon (2006) there is need for improvement on different methods of QR. it needs a lot of competence and sacrifice. In order to improve my weak area, I will work extra miles to accomplish the topic. In addition I will expose myself to many revision exercise and set goals which I should accomplish by the end of the lessons. There is also need to apply math’s skills and knowledge to get familiarized with the formulae. Statistics are mostly used in interpretation of research findings and understanding world’s phenomena. Statistics have provided steps on how to tackle mathematic problem whereby tit has changed many ideas which I had.

I can use the knowledge from statistics to support or reject certain phenomena. This is because I have the skills on interpretation which are helpful in analysis of the data collected. Many organizations and companies employ quantitative and qualitative methods and different software packages might produce different products (Jonhson, 2008). I am able to change this because of the statistical skills and knowledge on how to carry such operations. There is provision of systematic and direct instruction on how to handle the data collected from the needs careful handling to avoid distortion and some data may get lost due to poor handling.

Statistical thinking is very crucial because it deals with numbers and if you are statistically literate it means that you can make sense out of statistics. Statistical thinking provides data about the society and one is able to know the quality of the data presented. It makes meaning to the audience whereby it makes things to be real about the past and help to open directions about the future. We encounter variety of information and being able to accurately interpret it is very important because we will derive sense out of that information (Dixon, 2006).

In conclusion, I agree with H.G Wells because everything in this word is operating on digital formulae and way of doing things whereby there is a lot of mathematics in every task we undertake. Instruction are being given even in kindergarten are being taught how to make calculations. it is of great important to be statistically literate because one can be able to critically evaluate data from the field based on argument and come up with a better conclusions to meet the requirements needed.


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