Correctional Support Staff Response Paper

Correctional Support Staff Response Paper




I was advised to assume the role of Correctional support staff that is dedicated to assisting prisoners and helping them Reach personal goals for probation as well as an inclusion into society. The University counseling professor has asked me to speak to her class about my experiences. I will give you details on my personal experiences and answer any of your questions to the best of my knowledge.

Describe the different types of cultures and subcultures you might face in prison?

Important theory is supported behind the subculture inside of the prison is that is brought in from outside of the presidents. Different offenders who have created different beliefs for themselves while involved in the street life. The backgrounds that has a big effect on how they react and behave inside and outside of prison

. Has been any drastic changes behind the correctional staff between now and the 1980s. They changed a lot of things to a multicultural environment. Women wasn’t treated the same as men when it came to working and working in a working environment they were prone to experience discrimination and harassment from men inside of the prison and outside.

Many different correctional officers of many different cultures and ethnicities like African-Americans and Latino Americans reported Prejudice situations inside of the work environment this is usually most frequent within the women in Corrections.

Prison environment can help you establish many different valuable choice for yourself such as knowledge that you may have not had when you stepped inside those prison doors you also can become more aware of situations and how to utilize your time better.

Does The Prison Culture Influence The Prison Management Culture?

I do believe that the present culture influence the prison management culture. The reason I say this is because the inmates bring the environment that they are surrounded by inside of the president when they arrived and they stay for this sentence. The correctional officers are observant to these inmates behavior and become immune to the behavior that they are becoming victim to.

Does the present culture influence the way you determine treatment in prison?

Prisons have made some very unique characteristics behind the importance that they apply when giving treatments to their inmates.The present culture definitely influences the way that they determine what type of treatment you will be receiving while incarcerated. The culture that is outside of the prison can have a big effect on a person who is receiving treatment while incarcerated because someone who is used to an environment for the people and who is using the drugs that they are currently abusing would help if they were around a community of different citizens who were involved in trying to rehabilitate themselves the same way that this individual that is. I do believe that the surroundings you carry to find some of the decisions that you make as well as the person that you may be in the person that you may become. I feel that it is best for us to understand that we will make mistakes and when we make those mistakes just learn from them in the best way possible. If we can learn from my mistakes we can gain knowledge from our mistakes as well and it will benefit us in the long run.

How are mental health programs delivered in prison?

People who suffer from mental illnesses while incarcerated in prison usually have been offered many different type of health programs while being incarcerated when they are off of these programs are also entitled to many different rice some of those rights are the right to adequate medical and mental treatment to keep from harm and to protect them including staff abuse and to a facility in which they are in a vulnerable environment and can be protected as well as a sanitary inhumane environment. They have the right to treatment that should be provided in an environment of infancy as well as respect for the person who is currently experiencing mental illnesses they also have the right to be informed to consent for treatment. The qualifier ride to use treatment as well the facility should be following the written guidelines for the use of the seclusion room confinement and as well as restraining the rights of the most least restrictive environment as well. The right to be confined in a place that is able to give treatment that is needed. Many people who have suffered from mental illnesses and are incarcerated usually receive care in a very essential way. There are programs that are located inside of the prison that is offered to people with mental health problems that also provide them with the different medications that they need in order to keep them meditated through their stay.

In my own opinion does prison to help prepare prisoners to become law-abiding citizens?

In my opinion yes I do believe that prison helps people prepare to become law-abiding citizens. I say this because people who make a mistake can learn from their mistakes I want you to learn from my mistake one time you would then be able to understand and take responsibility for the next mistake that you make. Which helps you and prepare you for the outside world that you will be experiencing and will help you to develop the skills that you need to become a law-abiding citizen.

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