Creating a Compelling Vision

Creating a Compelling Vision

Perspectives in Change Leadership | B6027 G01


In today’s society, businesses have become a diverse entity that needs to have flexible leadership and a profound vision to be successful in the time. This is the future and purpose of FOX Global Business Consultation LLC. Here at FOX L.L.C. we assist with those ever changing demands by providing coaching for managers, risk management, mentorship and employee engagement for employees, diversity training, and training on how to maintain a harmonious work environment. We are a Christian based company and feel that our values can prosper in the most volatile and ever changing work environment through dynamic motivational practices that not only engage the human intellect but reaches a person’s emotional spirit. This is the basis of our success. We cater to small or large organizations that want to streamline their business, improve customer base through reinvention and dynamic marketing, improve employee turnover ratio, or cut cost by doing more with less. We strive to make you the most successful organization as possible.

Our organizational vision we pursue and promote is I.N.S.P.I.R.E. Inspire is a term that is used to motivate a cause. This cause is and propose is to revolutionize how a business should be run in order to be prosperous in the future. The vision of INSPIRE is broken down into key parts that are instrumental in the success of this business. INSPIRE stands for:

I-Initiative. We encourage forward and creative vision and it is also important to us as a team that we teach the ability to make informed decisions when the opportunity presents itself. This will give employees the ability to gain confidence, promote creative thinking and also learn from mistakes if they are made.

N-Nurture. We are invested in the growth of all businesses and corporations we get involved with. It is important that we ensure there is forward progression through the entire process. Their success is our success.

S-Strategy. In every plan of success there needs to be a strategy to carry out a successful venture/partnership to ensure all concerns and mild stones are addressed and met.

P-People. Never lose sight of the fact that we are here to help and make a harmonious work environment for all employees within a company. We train managers to understand that without those under them they will not be successful. Employee engagement is a company’s key to going from good to great. The people make this happen. They are the company’s greatest asset.

I-Innovation. The ability to embrace change is what will make us successful. Things are always changing in life, business and technology. We will embrace fresh ideas and change when needed with effective and influential leadership and mentorship programs.

R-Resourcefulness. We will ensure we are mindful of time and materials used on a daily basis to control cost and expenses. This will ensure we are not only affective but efficient.

E-Excitement. Here at FOX LLC we believe motivation breeds motivation. A smile and a good morning can go a long way. Our training will bring, in your face motivation and personal engagement. No one wants to sit in a boring training class. There must be an element of excitement and involvement to ensure there is buy in on the product being delivered.

The purpose of our members and our vision are to assist with intricacies and methodical approaches related to established areas of training.Major topics covered are: the purpose of the consulting process, ethical issues in the work place, the roles and responsibilities of instructors in a diverse environment, the role of leaders in leading change initiatives, the purpose of employee engagement, the marketing strategy of the business, and the expanding role of leaders in the organization. By conducting this training on all of these multifaceted topics, this allows for the organization to maintain longevity through cultural and economic changes.

I, as the CEO and founder of this wonderful and dynamic organization, want to extend my humble and gracious thanks for your trust and confidence in us as an organization to assist you in achieving global success and longevity in the future. I am so blessed with this vision embedded in me that I would like to share with you. This company’s core values consist of God, Family and Institution in that order. The basis of our success is that we ensure that everyone is treated with a mutual respect and a common goal in place. This attitude moving forward will drive businesses to success in the future.

The common goal is to become a power house global brand that brings a quality product of leadership and mentorship. We will nurture the relationship from the beginning to the end to ensure outstanding customer service is achieved.

This vision is available on our website or in a one on one meeting during our initial consultation. During this meeting we will discuss your company’s vision and future goals to ensure we establish a strategy that is most beneficial to you and your organization. Your organization’s preparedness for the future is our highest priority so, we want to ensure there is a complete and mutual understanding of your company’s need.

Just for you as a customer and your information I want you to know that our employees we hire have at least 5 years’ experience in training and go through a 4 week onboarding process to ensure they understand that this is a Christian and customer based business. We ensure that our employees stay true to our vision and will be required to attend leadership training 2 times every 4 years. This will ensure we are keeping up with the ever changing technologies leadership practices in business today and in the future.

Even though this is a fictional company, this is my passion in business. I want to assist people in being the best leader and or manager they can be. I’m speaking this plan into fruition and I pray it comes to light.