Creating a Plan for Success to Improve Writing in Personal Professional and Academic

Creating a Plan for Success to Improve Writing in Personal, Professional, and Academic Situations



My ability to communicate has been ineffective in the past. The problems that I experienced were in the choice of words appropriate to the audience, taking a lot of time to prepare and adopting a persuasive tone. These challenges have in the past led to misunderstandings, frustrations due to inability to pass the intended messages and sometimes even conflicts. To counter these problems, I plan on making a expressing my views strongly to come up with the required tone, making my writing in short sentences to improve on style and researching my audience before relaying the intended message.

For this problem I would like to address the safety situation in my workplace by proposing a new safety procedure to my boss. The problems addressed earlier can to a great extent affect the success of convincing the boss to adopt the new safety procedure. First, being my senior I need to restrict my choice of words to a conversation of a junior addressing a senior. Secondly, since I am required to convince him/her to adopt the procedure, I need to adopt the best possible persuasive tone. Lastly, since the problem of safety is a sensitive one, it requires being addressed as soon as possible hence I do not have a lot of time to prepare.

For different audiences, this message has to be tailored to be appropriate for the particular audience in question. For instance, since this is a message being relayed to my boss, the words need to be formal rather than tackle the problems, I will use formal conversation words, adopt a strong tone in my writing and use short sentences to come up with the message soonest possible. These will enable me to relay my message as intended without any misunderstandings, frustrations or conflicts.