CRJ 524 Week 1 Discussion 1

CRJ 524 Week 1 Discussion 1

When I think of the meaning of ethics in the context of an individual I think of a moral code that guides someone’s everyday life. Everyone has their induvial definition of what is ethical and what is not so what may seem ethical to one person may not be as ethical to another person. In my personal life at work and at home I make ethical decisions on a constant bases and I have been a witness to consequences of a person using unethical practices at the workplace. My first example is my experience at work and how ethics guide my every day actions. I am a supervisor at my place of employment and even though I am in a position of authority I treat the people under me with respect and dignity.

I would never talk to them in a disrespectful manner or say or do anything to degrade their character and I would not because I would think about how I would feel if someone did that to me or someone I loved. It is my ethical values that makes me ask myself if the way I am treating or talking to someone is the right or wrong. It is because of the way I treat my employees that I am able to ask them tell them if I need extra work done or not or even have to call them back into work and they have no problem doing so because of the way I treat them on an everyday basis. I was working for a company and was a manager who lacked the ability to properly talk and communicate with his employees. He was very rude to certain people and unfortunately the people who he felt like he could pick on he did so.

One guy in particular who took the blunt of this managers verbal attacks abruptly one day does not show up to work for almost a week. When he does return everyone finds out he applied for a regional managerial position within the company and got the job. He then proceeds to take his former boss into his office and talks to him about him abusing his authority and a few other things were said. But the thing that I got a lot of people was that the regional manger was no rude or disrespectful about the situation. His ethical code was something that the regional manager would not break no matter how much another person tried to break it.


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