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Customer relations management systems

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software system that helps sales people and managers manage the sales process.It involves using technology to gather the intelligence you need to provide improved support and services to customers.

Operational CRM is most appropriate for this company since it focuses on customer satisfaction, sales automation, marketing automation, service automation (Miniukovich & Osipovskaya, 2016).Generates leads, converts them into contacts, captures the required details and provide support throughout the customers lifecycle. Zoho customer relationship management is designed to satisfy customers, win new customers as well as retain regular customers.It is effective since it helps to automate daily business activities, track sales and engage customers in different platforms.

Sales Force Automation

Is a platform that helps an organization to acquire new customers as well as maintain the existing customers.Helps automate sales processes from lead generation to closing sales.Helps track customers preferences and also sales forecasting.Automatically records all the stages in sales process.It can run on laptops or smartphones.It is a necessary tool for promoting visibility and customer continuity.Enable the sales representatives to engage customers earlier and accelerate and close deals using a complete, innovative and proven sales solutions.

Marketing automation

Helps the organization to streamline marketing processes, automating it and increasing sales and earn revenue faster.Includes modules such as campaign management and event based marketing.Campaign management helps businesses to design campaign, decide communication channels such as e-mail, calls, websites, social media etc., segment contacts, allocate budget analyze effectiveness or quality of the campaign (Shabdar, 2017).Automate response to customer queries, inform sales team about new opportunities.Event based marketing is designed to help consumers with products that are about day to day activities or significant events in their lives at the moment such as buying a new car or getting married.

Service Automation

It is the process that works as a support system for the service staff and managers to achieve their work related objectives.Ensures consumers get effective and quality services by automating most of their services. Call management for example helps direct customers to the most appropriate help desk and retrieval of information related to the call.Incidence management helps the organization to assign customers problems to the right person ,provide solution within the time limit, capture customers response and analyze effectiveness.Service level management enables business to analyze quality of service based on key performance indicators.Domains of service automation include call centers , contact centers, help desks, sales services and web-based self services.

How Operational CRMs is an improvement

There will be an automation in sales computing and generation. Sales forecasting and tracking customers preferences is also an added advantage.Automated records of various stages of sales processes.Automated and mobile marketing strategies that ensure customer satisfaction since there will be predictions of customer preference as well as provision of platform where customers can give their feedback and suggestions.Quality customer service where they can easily contact relevant parties in the organization who can help them according to their inquires.

Traditional software implementation

The company currently uses spreadsheets to track sales calls and a paper address book to keeps customer information. The problem with this system is that there could be unnecessary duplication of data since it is done manually. Error detection could take time thus accounting seems not very effective. There could be cases late risk resolution which could lead the company suffering big losses. There is a lot of time wastage since there are large proportions of scrap and rework. There is priority of quality of developed software rather than functionality. Also there is great emphasis on current, correct, complete and consistent documentation. Great emphasis on testing and reviews and major effort on change control and management. In this traditional software there would be schedules that are always under pressure.Electronic companies need a more flexible and more accountable system since there could be cases of fraud and lack of authenticity and therefore a good customer relationship management is necessary so that the organization can track which areas to improve on and which products are more popular that others.

How operational CRMs fit into the enterprise

Considering that it a medium business enterprise and because Salesforce is automated and in the cloud, it can grow and scale with this organization. By adding features from tons of apps in our marketplaces there will not be need for costly infrastructure, and Salesforce upgrades will instantly be implemented as soon as they are available without disruption. With all the information on customers, prospects, and leads stored on a single online platform, everyone in the business will have access to the latest information — no more version control headaches or out-of-date spreadsheets.

On average, Salesforce will help customers boost their sales by 37%. But the benefits of operational CRM for small business do not end when you make a sale. Customer service benefits, too. This customer relations management system will help build stronger relationships with the current customers, attract new ones, and accelerate business growth. And intelligent marketing automation helps the organization to focus resources on the tasks that really add value, while a common platform for all your data helps to build strong relationships across all your channels, including social, Web, email, and customer call centers.

Benefits of this software

Helps the company develop superior services and products that meet customers identified needs.Enhances marketing towards the most profitable customers to improve challenges in the organization (Ye et al, 2016).Improve efficiency by providing support and services to customers online through frequently asked questions.Anticipate future business needs based on data on historic sale and service trends.Increase customer base as you develop new ways to engage in business online.

Builds value for the organization by maximizing repeat business opportunities by anticipating existing customers needs, identifying complementary products you can sell to your customers and improving on target marketing materials and promotions.Reduced order entry cost and customer service cost.Better and more timely decision making.


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