CS 1010 Unit VI – PowerPoint Presentation

Importance of Google Flights to the Customer

About Google Flights

Google Flights is a web-based flight booking service Facilitates purchase of flight tickets through third partiesGives customers chance to explore destination on mapAllows its customers to compare price offers by different flights

Importance of Google Flights to the Customer

Enables customers located in different locations to book flightPrevents customers located in distant places from missing flightCustomers do not need to travel to the physical location of offices to get ticketsEnables customers to save on expenses involved in booking flight tickets

Impact of Recent Technology Trends in IT

Introduction of online charting platforms have helped Google Flights improve it communication with customersCustomers get quick answer to their questions through the online charting platformsSocial media platforms have enabled Google Flights to advertise its services to the online populationEmailing services allow Google Flights to send email messages to their customers to confirm booking made

Impact of Recent of Technology Trends in the Computer Industry

The internet of things has enabled customers to book flights using any type of device that can access the internetRobotic science has enabled Google Flights to serve many customers at the same timeIt would be difficult to serve the large number of online customers if human beings were used.Robot can work for very long hours without getting tiredCloud computing has enabled Google Flights to store customer information

Role of Computer Technology

To develop suitable softwareTo ensure network securityTo facilitate internet operationsTo process and store data

Impact of Role of Computer Technology

Increased network securityFast internet operationsDevelopment of better softwareImproved data management system


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