Am I Professional in the Workplace?

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Am I Professional in the Workplace?

CS 204

After taking a look at the slides in the professional law firm field, I have found that I personally have a long way to go to get to that status. First yes, the people in the slides that are under the professional law firm looked very professional. They look very well dressed and their appearance are kept nice and clean.

What made these people in the slides professional? Many things make them look like they are professional. From the clean press clothes that they are waring, to the clean cut hair cut and facial hairs. In the second slide that are making hand gestures and have facial expression that don’t look like they are raising their voice to make their point across.

I believe that if the people in the slides were waring casual clothes like a tv shirt and jeans then that would be less professional. In the slides they look very confident when they are speak to each other and their stance in the pictures that they are posing for. If you look like you are in college and stand and talk not really knowing what you are talking about then this would be unprofessional.

My personal thought would be that this law firm field is very professional, they look like pictures in a magazine. They are all very well dress in formal outfits and professional haircuts. They stand with confidence and look like they could debate themselves without getting upset or loud.

I want to work in a court room as a paralegal litigation. My attire for this job would most likely be a suit and tie. My attire would be very formal and professional looking, no wrinkles in my clothing. This is called formal business dress code. Waring a suit in the courtroom is advise but not a black suit because that represents a funeral.

In the legal field becoming a professional you have to have the education. You also need to have a law or paralegal license or certificate depending on your job. Having that experience in the field also helps build on the professionalism. Having the ethics in the law firm field is also a must, you have to work by a set of rules, rules that cannot be broken.

I think that good communication skills and judgement makes a great lawyer/paralegal. Being a good listener goes hand in hand with communication. You must draw logical conclusion with limited information (Gymer, 2018). Having research skills and people skills are also a must for this career field. Then lastly having creativity and perseverance having the drive to finish what you started and the creativity to win.

To tell you the truth I have great debate skills, my communication among fellow works is above par. I need to work on my attire for a law firm professional because I am as of yet not in that field. I would also like to build up my confidence and I am currently working on my education. In the field I am currently in yes I would consider myself a professional, but it is not the field I want to work in; in the future.


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