Test Cases: Online calculator

Test Cases: Online calculator

CIS 525 – Software testing and Quality Assurance

Requirement for online Calculator: –

Hand solving problem.

Requirement for online loan Calculator: –

Purchase Price Down Payment Rebate Amount Apply rebate to Purchase Trade value Owned trade-in Interest rate Loan term Sales Tax Finance Sales tax Start Date output
26700Yes 3000Yes O Yes Yes 2000Yes O Yes 6%Yes 6 yrsYes 1.25%Yes No 06/2019 Yes
0.00No -5000No 2000Yes No -100No OYes -2.5No 2 yrsYes 2.25Yes no 06/2019 No
15000Yes 18000No 2000Yes No 1000Yes 1500Yes 3yes 3 yes 3.5%Yes No 05/2019 No
20000Yes 2000Yes 2500Yes No 5000Yes 1200Yes 3Yes 3 yes 3.5%Yes No 04/2019 No

Test Cases on online Rate Calculators.

  • User input data on purchase price.
  • User input data on Down payment.
  • User input data on Rebate Amount.
  • User need to select Yes or No on Apply Rebate to purchase Dialogue box.
  • User input trade in value on a car.
  • User input amount of owned value on trade In. (Added to Loan).
  • User Input Interest Rate on a Online loan Calculator.
  • User input Loan Terms means years.
  • User input Sales tax on car.
  • User Select Finance Sales tax Yes or No?
  • User select Start Date on Calculator (Month and Year)
  • Calculating On all Requirement.
  • Calculating Output Parameters.