Cultural Competency

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Cultural Competence


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Consequences of culturally incompetent staff to an organization

Organization culture refers to a set of shared values and believes by employees of a firm (Llopis, 2017). Some of the primary determinants of organization culture include policies and programs, along with procedures and processes as established within an institution. Therefore, cultural incompetence refers to the inability of the staff to respect the enacted congruent behavior that guides the staff working relationship in a cross-cultural setting (Llopis, 2017). The primary consequence of a cultural incompetence workplace is the promotion of unethical behavior among staff. Meaning, it will erode the value an organization staff has towards fellow workers and the general society/ public (Llopis, 2017). Incompetent culture will also thrive the atmosphere of an uninformed workplace, further, threatening communication and task commitment among staff. Again, cultural incompetence breeds the problem of organization politicking, seclusion of important stakeholders in organization decision process, and a general state of apathy in the organization.

Strategies for developing culturally competent staff and mitigation strategies

Partaking in community services

Engaging in community services provide the ideal opportunity for organizations to overcome communication problems in the workplace and with the surrounding community. Signing up for community programs and engaging in other volunteering and charitable programs provide the best incentive for business to interact with the society (Hamel, 2018). Such interaction also helps the organization appreciate diversity and come up with a strong value proposition for its mission and vision outlook, as well as delivering the needed resources to the society.

Promoting studies of other culture

Encouraging learning that inquires into other peoples culture and customs help nourish an informed workforce/ workplace. For example, the management can recommend learning and even come up with curriculum and visual aid aimed at growing communication among staff (Hamel, 2018). Also, businesses can consider employing natives to enrich the cultural identity at their workplace (Hamel, 2018).


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