Culture n Values


Alignment of the values of an organization and values of the nurse

values of an organization and that of the nurse affect the engagement of a nurse in that the nurse will have to comply with the code of ethics in a medical facility (Baillie & Black, 2014). ensuring the wellness of patience and that they receive their medication on time and in the right dosage

The compliance of nurses to the organization’s code of ethics and general rules will ensure that the patients get to recuperate and recover within the expected period of time. Chances of medical malpractices are also minimal (Baillie & Black, 2014).

Effective Communication to overcome conflicts

Communication helps individuals open up and be capable of discussing the issues they are facing within an organization. Employees are capable of stating their problems and interests (Normore, 2016).

Management in the know and gives the chance to address questions such as what may happen in the in case of misunderstanding among the employees.Communication helps the group managers be coordinate the group communication to ensure that the group has a smooth flow in its operation without hindrances (Normore, 2016).

Giving everyone a chance in the group to express themselves helps them open up for solution in solving any grudges that they may be having within the group (Normore, 2016).The employees within the groups feel valued when given chance to express themselves thus making the committed towards ensuring success of the entire group operation.

In virtual organization’s communication has played a critical role in ensuring employees in a particular team can interact through devices such as teleconferences (Normore, 2016).Communication within teams ensures no misunderstandings or conflicts among the team members (Normore, 2016).

If any, they are resolved quickly and the members are encouraged to collaborate among themselves to ensure smooth flow of operations within the company.Collaboration among group members ensures conflicts are effectively resolved within the organization (Normore, 2016).

Instances where values did not align

The instance where the values within the organization did not align was when there was an individual who was rude to customers yet the values are of good customer care. For example a customer service officer complaining that a customer was bothering him.

In hospital, an example is an instance where a nurse sneaked in alcohol to an alcohol addict in order to deal with his frustrations. This went against patient wellness and was direct harm to the patient.

Under the setting of an organization, the instance where an individual’s acts did not align with those of the bank was when a cashier accepted the deposit of a huge amount of money into a new account without questioning its source a clear breach of the law on money laundering.


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