Customer email response sample

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Customer email response sample

Dear Honored Client,

We thank you for the email notifying us of the hardships you experienced from our last service delivery.

Receive our sincere apologies that caused you the challenges and any other inconvenience. However, we give priority to your concern as it requires prompt and quick attention to ensure that the normal relationship between us has been restored.

The issue has been handled and discussed among our quality assurance and department heads teams and has been forwarded to me in making sure the complaint has been resolved. Due to the last experience you encountered, we as a company offer you a 20% discount on your next purchase regardless of quantity. We have made a decision to offer more training to our staff to avoid such in the future deliveries.

Thank you for considering our apology and accepting the discount offer on your next order. In case of any other issue not addressed and you feel is of concern kindly feel free to reach on us and we will be more than glad to assist.

Best regards,

[Insert Official Name]

Human Resource Personnel

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