Cybercrimes Against Persons Presentation

Cybercrimes Against Persons

Patty BishopBCC/401January 9, 2017Bobby Kemp


Most common Cyber Crimes against businesses


1. Malware- an umbrella term that covers many types of intrusions, such as Trojans, viruses and worms.


Phishing is typically done via email and includes a link that carries you to an imitation of a legitimate site.

Denial of Service Attacks

Disrupts your business from connecting to the server. This is usually accomplished by flooding your server with traffic and data.

how criminals commit these cybercrimes

Insider Threats

Unhappy EmployeesDisgruntled former employeesEmployees who unintentionally commit crimes

Insider Threats Continued

how criminals commit these cybercrimes 2

Phishing Scams

Email with links to official looking sites Ask for updated information


Can be contained in emailsEmbedded in legitimate websites

how criminals commit these cybercrimes 3

Denial of Service Attacks

Bombards your server with traffic or dataEffectively shuts off outside traffic Also shuts off your business reaching outside

how law enforcement agencies investigate cybercrimes

Who Investigates

The lead investigators into cyber-crime is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Local and State Law Enforcement focus on the smaller cases

How To Investigate

Starts from a complaintInvestigation begins by tracking the IP addressMust Move FastISPs keep information for only 30 days

how law enforcement agencies Can prevent cybercrimes

The FBI Recommends

Keeping your firewall on and up to dateKeep your operating system up to dateInstall or Update your virus protectionTurn off the computer when not in useEducating yourself and your employeesKeeping Security Protocols


Stay VigilantKeep EducatedKeep Up To Date


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