Debate Centralized budgeting

Debate: Centralized Budgeting


Debate: Centralized Budgeting

My Position

Should budget authority be granted across multiple levels in a criminal justice organization or centralized by a separate city or government unit?


Budgeting that is centralized makes the people in charge to consider the various departments as a whole.

More focus can go into specific programs and individuals when there is authority across many levels in the criminal justice system.

An individual’s contribution will not be generalized as those of the department.

Individual programs and their specific success may not be not be considered since centralized funding considers the whole department overlooking individual projects.

Each department is treated as an equal and important entity

Some departments by their nature are more important than any other considering the role they play that will not be realized in a centralized budget system.

Decentralized system is in a position to make decisions with the local challenges in mind.

Closeness to the people departments serve are better refined to tackle their unique challenges.

Capacity building at a localized level.

Many at times, centralized governments are out of touch with the local community.

The cost of achieving a particular goal can easily be determined.

Individual analysis of goals can easily be done.

Monitoring and evaluation of goal progress can be done.

Elimination of bureaucracy

With centralized budgeting departments and their employees have to wait for decisions, information, and directions from the top

Much needed funds would not have to wait as long to be approved

A decentralized budget allows a department to adapt to unique needs and react faster

The individuals have more of a say in the budget, what it needed and where money should be spent


Should budget authority be granted across multiple levels in a criminal justice organization or centralized by a separate city or government unit?


Can help to control costs

A centralized budget can focus on each department as a whole to determine how much funds they should receive, limiting excessive spending by a particular department

An outsider is responsible for determining whether a purchase is valid eliminating personal bias

Internal theft can be reduced

There is more accountability for each department for their spending

A decentralized budget gives department leaders more opportunities to misappropriate funds

Funds can be more monitored closer

Funds can be allocated more accurately

If multiple departments are involved in a particular project or program, they both will receive funds for the program

Decentralized budgeting may not meet the goals of the city or government

Centralized budgeting ensures that the overall goals of the city or government are kept in focus, not just the goals of the individual departments


Department leaders already have a full plate and may not have the time to adequately analyze an effective budget or may not be qualified to do it

The city or government may be able to give the budget more attention

Everything is done in one place; everyone knows where to go with budget requests and questions


With a decentralized budget, departments have to rely on their incomes or revenues only

If there are fluctuations in income a centralized budget can help to ensure that each department still receives the funds they need to operate