PAD 540 Effects of Globalization – PowerPoint Presentation

Effects of Globalization

Assignment 2: Debate It PowerPoint PresentationPAD 540: International Public Administration Strayer University


The world is continuously moving towards diversity. Globalization is among the critical components of development in any nation, and the main question is, how is it embraced? A few individuals would argue that all the diversity and the improved mobility among economies is becoming a hindrance on the overall performance of certain host countries. People feel safer when they are within their national borders with limited freedom of movement. We move further into this venture of globalization we keep on uncovering drawbacks that keep on fueling the traditional reluctance towards it. Everything has its following disadvantages, but when it comes to globalization, the advantages are too significant to be overlooked. A country could encourage it and still manage the downsides because it brings in a lot. It’s just a matter of getting people to see how easy things with the freedom that comes with globalization. The advocacy is on, and globalization is an issue that can be very beneficial to the country’s economy and subsequent rate of development. This presentation brings forward all the upsides and downsides of encouraging globalization.

Why Globalization is Important?

We embark now on a journey of explaining why globalization is essential by outlining and describing every advantage of it. You will see that despite everything, globalization enhances and empowers as much as it is demanding. In some cases, it benefits a particular group of people while severely suppressing the others. Two groups of people continually disagreeing on the good and possibly bad of the topic in the debate. The following are a few advantages which will be significantly expounded in the presentation.Increased employment opportunitiesReduced chances of dictatorial government administration Escalated rate of economic growth and developmentImproved communication linksEncourages free trade and all the benefits that come with itImproved working conditions

Employment Opportunities

Globalization opens up our little confinements to new opportunities and a wider variety of job opportunities in other countries. You are giving people a chance to be more productive and have better job opportunities if the borders are open. Skilled workers now have a better opportunity to work in more comfortable and better environments. Workers are no longer confined to a single job market. You get to have preferences when looking for work, especially if your field of work is in high demand. People don’t have to take upon risky jobs just because they have no choice.

Reduced Tyranny

Governance is picking up the heat from globalization. Improved interactions lead to the creation of diverse local communities made up of different kind of people. These people come from different countries, and that means different backgrounds and cultures. The integration of multiple cultures together forces governments to come together and establish standardized rules that will cut across every individual in the so cold diverse communities. All this reduces the likelihood of rogue administration persistence. No leader gets an opportunity to establish a dictatorial state if all the borders are wide open to international governance. Diplomatic measures taken by each country to ensure the safety of each citizen both within and across borders restrict the chances of weak and unconventional governorship.

Improved Economic Growth

There is a tremendous improvement in economic activity, especially when the individual local markets are exposed to a wider variety of consumers. This encourages a great deal of development on the quality of services and goods produced due to the subjected effect of an adequate supply of labor and not just labor, skilled labor. Every person in the economy is continuously getting better, and businesses are coming up with new ways of satisfying the overall market demand. This causes a subsequent rise in economic activity in a given country. Governments join forces and come up with great ideas to enhance the economic growth in their regions. The country gets a chance to merge their local resources to achieve a higher goal. We see that projects which take individual governments a lot of time and money to plan and implement can be completed at a quicker pace.

Improved Communication Links

Globalization also improves individual access to information and resources to more significant links. Some cases, the world is being viewed as a small global village to increased speed and reliability of communication links between individuals in different backgrounds. People can now come up together and agree on certain things despite coming from different backgrounds and cultures. We get to come up with collective solutions to the everyday challenges that we are facing. People are learning to appreciate each other more despite their differences. Of failure here and there we still manage to synchronize our differences and preferences to come up with standard solutions to everything.

Free Trade

We have appreciated the free trade too because it’s complemented by globalization. We get the opportunity to make purchases and provide our services and goods to anyone at any place. This is encouraged by the increased market structure and overall demand for products. No one has to struggle to make sales on a single region, but now we get to offer these services to the enormous market out there. Free trade by itself brings following advantages that help in improving the performance and the overall growth of a given country. They open a business that provides a variety of goods and services — offering better products and services at a relatively lower cost. All this wouldn’t be possible if we don’t open ourselves to the idea of embracing improved integration and interaction through globalization.

Improved Working Conditions

The idea of improved employment opportunities possibly unlimited has paved the way to a new era where there’s no employee mistreatment and exploitation. Employees now can move trough borders looking for better jobs, and thus, there is less likelihood of withstanding oppression and working in poor job environments. Policies have been safeguard employees from one country moving to another. These policies ensure that employee welfare is taken into more significant consideration, and it provides better working conditions for workers.

The Drawbacks

Of course, we have to take a minute and address the few but significant disadvantages of globalization. This is a way of recognizing the genuine concerns of every individual who feels like it is not getting much from globalization as everyone is. As said earlier, there are cases where it works well with other groups and bad for others. This comes to show that at a given point, globalization is a double-edged sword; it provides as much as it takes. The significant drawbacks of globalization are as follows:Suffocation of the job market Increased cases of environmental destructionIncreases rates of infectious disease transmissionOverwhelming the available local resources

Suffocation of the Job Market

The more significant population of any country experiencing full-blown globalization. It’s a good thing to have more employment opportunities something that gives mobility, the ability to move in between jobs from country to another or one region to the next. The other edge of this sword is that employers have an adequate supply of labor. They also get preference meaning the best is too expensive, and employers outsource for cheap labor in other countries. Creates a sense of suffocation in the job market in a way that the supply exceeds the required percentage. In any nation, there’s always going to be unemployment and this not because of lack of skills. The job slots are not enough, and globalization adds onto this problem by adding more people awaiting employment.

Environmental Destruction and Diseases

The cost of globalization also extends to our clean rivers and the air we breathe. People move around, and so are their way of doing things and habits. It’s been recognized that there is increased pollution of water and depletion of marine life because of our increased global activities. We see countries having a hard time dealing with environmental pollution.In cases of disease outbreaks, the constant shifting from one place to another makes it easy for transfer of these diseases. Containing the damage caused by these outbreaks becomes hard, especially when infected people keep moving further into the broader population. We acknowledge that at some point, globalization makes it hard to contain and manage disasters.


Globalization is a good thing, but that’s as far as we go. We have to take a minute and empathize with the other side of this particular argument. We want to get the best out of globalization, and before we start saying the opponents are wrong, we should remember that we are both significant stakeholders of globalization. It only gets good when we want it to be. With togetherness, we can make the best out of globalization; let’s enjoy the significant advantages while leaving a positive impact while we do.