Designing Effective Presentations Using the AIDA Model

Designing Effective Presentations Using the AIDA Model

Designing Effective Presentations Using the AIDA Model

Three-Step writing process for Persuasive Messages

The three step writing process in creating a persuasive message are planning portion, use of positive/polite language and completing the persuasive message. The first step is the planning portion. In the planning portion, you should first analyze the circumstance by making clear you have a clear idea of your purpose. Make sure you don’t leave room for any doubt concerning your main message. When planning the message, you ought to consider three crucial factors which are psychographics, demographics, and motivation. Besides, you should organize your information in an excellent way so as to excellently benefit your audience (JBM Business Writing, 2017).

The second step is the utilization of polite and positive language. The other concept deals with awareness of the cultural differences. In case you are planning to convey your message in a distinct culture than yours, be certain that you comprehend and respect the distinction that may exist between your audiences and your culture. As a writer of persuasive messages, be sensitive to your audiences’ ideas and culture. Then, you should build up your integrity. As a reader, it is important to recognize that the author has reliable information and isn’t lying to the audience.

The last step is completing the persuasive message. The major idea in the step is verifying that the message is good to portray the project or idea to assist your audience. Besides, when rereading the message, judge it without bias and don’t lock your mind to improvements

The AIDA Model can get utilized to develop a useful presentation by convincing your audience that your idea or product will be useful and beneficial to them contrasted with others. I agree with the steps because they help a person to expose their ideas vividly in a superlative way to sway their audience that their notion is the most excellent option.

The other steps that I would take are repetition to give the message all-significance illusion of truth as it leads to the persuasion reality. Besides, I would go with the flow since persuasion is stronger when the audience and message are moving in the same direction. Ideas which come into the mind of the audience readily are probably to be more persuasive


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