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Mombasa Name Institution


Mombasa is an island city located in the South Eastern part of KenyaThe city borders the Indian ocean and is a favorite among tourists visiting East Africa.It is home to about 1.2 million people of diverse cultures speaking mainly Swahili and English.


Method Of Travel

Being a coastal city the city has the largest port in east Africa which has an annual arrival of 2 million tourist per year.Moreover the city has an international airport known as Moi international airport. The countries main courier Kenya Airways provides direct flights in and out of the city at all times of the year (Christian,2016).For tourists travelling around the city there is public transport vehicles known as matatus that provide transport around the city.There is also a railway service from the capital city Nairobi to Mombasa for those in the interior parts of the country.

Qualities Of The Location 

The city has quite a number of good qualities such as:The sandy beaches A wide variety of cultures Many historical sites (Smith,2016) Exotic hotels

Places To Visit

The main tourist attractions in Mombasa include;Fort JesusThe old Arab townThe white sandy beaches Bamburi nature trail.Haller parkMombasa marine national parkShimba hills national park(Gurney, 2008)

Places to Visit

 Cultural Activities

The city is famous for its taarab music due to its close proximity to Zanzibar made famous by bands such as Safari Sounds and Them Mushrooms Its has a busty nightlife due to the huge number of clubs located within the city.Old town Mombasa traders offer a variety of Swahili dishes and the famous drink known as mnazi(“Things to do in Mombasa Kenya: Tours & Sightseeing |”, 2008).


Over the years there have been major security concerns due to the high number of terrorist attacks (Lisle,2013).The government has tried to curb insecurity by police conducting patrols all over the city 24/7 and police checks at each major tourist destination.

Travel Schedule

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}DateDestination12/9/2016Fort Jesus13/9/2016Mombasa Marine Park14/9/2016Diani beach15/9/2016Shimba hills national park16/9/2016A tour around Mombasa town

Travel budget

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