Development of Private Security

Development of Private Security



Development of Private Security

Research has it that private security in the United States has been booming. There is a high growth rate in this sector in various ways such as private detectives, investigators, security guards. Among these, investigators and the detectives sections are the fast growing in the development of private security. These development of private security is triggered by a number of factors such as; replacement of the private security professionals in the roles of the police officers which is mainly caused by disappointment of the society by the law enforcement which is observed to register a lot of cutbacks making them ineffective. The second factor is the shift from standard approaches to criminal activity. Which has resulted from incompetence of police officers. Below is a discussion of the development of private security at large.

To commence with, development of private correctional facilities is of great importance in the society. Private correctional facilities may include private prisons, private law courts among others. I concur with the statement that correctional facilities are of great importance in the society. This is because for one, private correctional facilities brings upon harmony in the society. It harmonizes the conflict between various classes of people in the society. For instance, a conflict between the government and the common citizen. The government could be one of the greatest enemy especially to those who try to expose their doings. The private correction facilities is therefore important in this case since the facility is going to judge and act upon the favor of both unlike the public correction facility which could put the accused in a serious torture which might even result to death.

Also, private correctional facilities such as prisons are important since they help contribute to the overall acts of law enforcement and criminal justice that brings forth the leveling of our common sense understanding that causes the people’s social problems. Increasing the number of criminal justices helps the society to combat the various problems that the society encounter in the event of injustices and other act that is not appropriate. This is because the criminal justices are meant to correct the wrong doers and show them the right way. Also when the prisons are many in the society, chances of imprisonment are very high and hence acts as control of crime and at the long run reduction in the number of crimes that take place in the society.

Moreover, private correctional facilities are of great significance to the society since they provide job opportunities for security workers. For instance, if private prisons are built, there are workers who will be needed there such as prison wardens, guards, cooks and many others among these. Also, private correctional facilities provide job opportunities for public officials who are in dire need for promotions or officials who are trying to escape retirement. Promotions come easily in these sectors especially when one is from a public sector because the private sectors believe that these officials have great experience and are competent. The public officials also come out of the retirement problem since the private sectors do not mind the age of the workers but there experience and competence.

Private correctional facilities and other criminal justice agencies at some point differ in one point or the other and hence affect the relationship between the two. To start with, private correctional facilities may go against the set criminal laws. In the United States, all crimes are governed by an enacted legislative body. The private correctional facilities tend to be inconsistent with the set criminal laws judged by the way the private courts break the criminal laws. These differences may at the end distort the relationship between the two criminal justice agencies.

Also, the relationship between the private correctional facilities and other criminal justice agencies may be distorted as a result of misunderstanding which arise from competition for employees. The private correctional facilities tend to attract more employees from the public sectors. This is because in the private sectors there are very high chances of promotions unlike the public sectors. Also many officials tend to run away from the public sectors to the private sectors with the aim of running away from retirement. These reasons cause a conflict between the two since the private sectors leave the public sectors with few employees hence distorting the relationship between the two.

However, the development of the private security is accompanied by a number of challenges which also face the public sectors. For instance, the correctional sectors encounter fiscal challenges, this means that the correctional sectors are tasked with a lot of work in ensuring the security of the society with very minimal resources to accomplish the tasks. Lack of these adequate resources makes the correctional sectors ineffective since they are burdened with a lot of tasks with few resources. The correctional sectors also encounter technology challenge in offender management. In today’s world, we are living in a technological era where almost ninety percent of the tasks are accomplished through technology. However, the prisons still lag behind in this sector since they do not have the adequate technological resources needed to manage the prisoners. This challenges leads to holistic and timely data which brings about inconveniences to the management. There is also a lot of heavy reliance on paper based processes which is a great challenge in the correctional sectors since it makes the activities of these sectors slow and hence ineffective.

In conclusion, from the above discussion it is evident there is a great development in private security which is accompanied by both merits and demerits. Merits being the significance of the private security in the society and the demerits being the effects that the rise of private correctional facilities has on the relationship between them and other criminal justice agencies.


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