Dimensions of Knowledge Management

Dimensions of Knowledge Management





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Dimensions of knowledge management

The main objective of any knowledge management committee is to ensure that the organization they are working for achieves its goals and objectives within the set time. The knowledge management committee should therefor handle all the information they have for the betterment of everyone at large (Atwood, 2009).

The team should always share the relevant best practices, lessons-learned, case-studies, etc. from both internal & external sources as a person. It is clearly defined in (Bali, 2007) that physicians have a roll to ensure that their patients are well attended to with their confidentiality a high priority. This will greatly improve the knowledge that the physician group has hence improving their productivity in the long run. This will also make them more efficient.

There should be a well-defined steps and processes for sharing knowledge and knowledge reuse from a team that has this. Information that should be known to the team must be known to everyone. This will avoid confusion at any point where a team might want to apply some knowledge that hasn’t be made known to other members (Atwood, 2009).

Implementing of IT tools to support knowledge sharing among the group members and the organization at large. This will make the interactions in terms of knowledge sharing more efficient and reliable as everyone will have them as soon as they are available (Debowski, 2006). It is said that adopting new technology will increase efficiency by a good margin.


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