Does the media glamorize organized crime

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Does the media glamorize organized crime? Does it paint an inaccurate picture of noble crime lords fighting to protect their families?

The media industry has various segments and it is not necessarily mean all of them glamorize organized crime, the news media is the only one that is known to do so. Other segments such as social media, movies, shows on television and books tend to be more liberal when talking about organized crime because anyway they have licenses to do so and their main aim include making profits. These people referred to as the noble crime lords do not believe in the best possibilities but in gaining more money or even power and will stop at nothing to get it. The media has been known to cover a lot when it comes to crime but there have been concerns raised about how consistent they are especially when it comes to organized crime.

Coverage of stories related to crime and drugs tend to be more popular than others but journalists have to be very careful especially when they are interacting with these drug lords since these people also have their lawyers and a wrong move could really cost them. It does not paint an inaccurate picture of noble crime lords fighting to protect their families because they have a limited source of information due to lack of witnesses. Media aims at fighting organized crime due to the increase in illegal activities which have now become businesses. The police, in collaboration with media, understand that organized crime compromises the safety of the public and with the rise of social media where people can easily access information, which greatly impacts their perception, they tend to use it to create awareness and implement strategies that help fight organized crime.


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