Drugs, Prostitution and Vandalism

Drugs, Prostitution and Vandalism




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Drugs, Prostitution and Vandalism

Our society today has got a great problem whereby drugs, prostitution and vandalism are becoming the threat into our life. This problem of drugs, prostitution and vandalism is spreading with high rate and many individuals are exercising new policies and methods of eradicating these evil. Therefore there is great need to collect the right information about the problem which will enable us do away with it. Every individual has got right to address the right thing and stop evil doing within the society. Leaders as well as the researcher should be on the front line to collect the information about how we can eradicate the wrong behaviors in our society. There is need for action to be done now instead of calling them wrong doing within the society. There should be assurance that the wrong things are out of the society (Mustaine & Tewksbury, 2013).

Additionally, the problem of drugs is the main issue in our society today whereby the information is not only collected from the lower level but also from those who invent them. This information will be useful and educative to the researchers on the methods of mitigating the problem. The distributors and the manufacturers should be in for it to give more details concerning the drugs. This information will provide an insight on how the problem should be tackled. The society has got also those distributors and drug sellers therefore they should also be considered during the research. Collecting the information all the way from the manufacturers, distributors and also the drug dealer within the society will provide adequate information of dealing with the drugs problem. This information will ensure that the issue is solved because it will provide an insight concerning the deep details about drug abuse and addiction (Nieto, 2007).

It is of great importance to understand as to why people within the society engage in drugs. The background of the people taking the drugs will help in finding other ways of assisting them. In order to make the people come out from this addiction, it is important to understand their lifestyle. One way of eradicating the problem is through educating the society not only about how to avoid such but also making them understand that they should not criticize those people taking drugs. Those people having been addicted to drug abuse may have faced different problems which may have caused them enter into such behaviors. It is therefore important to understand the reason and know ways of helping them. Street people also have been seen to engage themselves in drug abuse, prostitution and vandalism. This is very important information which is useful in making policies and implementing methods of getting away with these problems in the society (Mustaine & Tewksbury, 2013).

The kind of response that might be considered on this issue may include the community outreach, education for all and communication. The community and also the police should find means of educating the mass about the effects of these behavior and the outcomes. Community outreach on the other hand should help the citizens to understand the policing that should be respected. There are local and public laws that should restrict citizen on engaging in drug trafficking and also other unwanted behaviors. The community outreach should also build more trust to the society that they are well secured against these actions. Communication too is very important as the data is collected and analyzed on the issues facing the society. This information should be collected from wide range of vied in order to create not only the insight for the problem but also the solutions to the problem (Nieto, 2007).

In conclusion, the assessment should be done on the crime rates whereby they have affected not only the urban development but also the community development. Leaders should therefore connect with municipal in order to stop the crime rates. The government should also come in to help in financing those fighting against these crimes (Adamson & Sellman, (2008).


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