ECE 214 week 1 journal – Proper health and nutrition is of critical importance to the growth and development of young children


ECE 214: Nutrition and Health of Children and Families



Proper health and nutrition is of critical importance to the growth and development of young children, yet many American children suffer from nutrition issues. Choosing either malnutrition or obesity, address the following:

Discuss the short- and long-term impacts of this nutrition issue on children’s growth and development.

In my early childhood the promotion in case of the physical and mental health has a negative impact as the appropriate nutrition was not obtained. This happens due to the job of parents that gives them less time to take care of me in my childhood. Then the form of providing the children with an emotionally and physically safe environment was given to me in correct form in relation with the families.

Thus the good form of health with that of the safety, and nutritional practices will easily provide the foundation for development as well as learning in an effective manner (Marotz, 2011). The good nutrition is always critical to that of the overall development of young children efficiently. In my childhood the meals as well as snacks has encouraged me with good nutrition and eating habits in home.

But the physical and mental health was not accomplished with high nutrition due to the parental impact. I was provided with that of the healthy and nutritious foods but the day care was done by some of the individualthan that of the parents. This makes my childhood to become less impact on the development in case of physical activities.

There is only less time to play and exercise as we have more form of study courses than that of the children in these recent years. Therefore the play and exercises was very less in my childhood days. I also enjoyed with the safe environment that prevents and reduces injuries in my childhood as there were people to look after me and care for me and recognize my dangerous situations in an effective way.

My experiences in my childhood prepared me to take care of the children today with more affection as it will help them to develop their physical and mental health. Therefore the children must be handled with more affection in them in order to develop their health in all means effectively. Thus my childhood experiences have made me to take care of the children with great care today.

Lynn Marotz (2011) Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child Cengage Learning, 01-Jan-2011