ECE 312 week 3 discussion 1 Little Angels learning Academy

Little Angels learning Academy

Each and every learning institution tries their best to offer their children the best they can. Little angels academy is one of the institutions ha try to develop their children as a whole considering all the aspects of needed for good child development as a whole. I commend them in all the aspects that are involved in developing a child in all fields, both physical particularly through play and also psychological. They have tried their best to make the children learn to learn through play. Their playgrounds are well suited with facilities like bricks, sand and many other things that the children use to explore and learn. Their field trips also serve then well in exploring the wild nature. In achieving and realizing their mission of working with working with little children and their families, they have provided the children everything they need to grow and develop as a child.

The one aspect that I feel they need to be designed is making it feel and look like a learning institution. They have made it look more like a home setting where children will just feel like they are at home. I feel that an academy is supposed to introduce children to school life so that as they grow, they have a feeling and knowledge of how a school looks like. Designing the school to look like a learning institution and not a home might be the solution. Following a time table will give the children a sense of routines just like there are in schools though not strictly.