ECE 332 week 3 journal



ECE 332 Child Development



I would like to work with 4 to 8 years old age children. Piaget’s stages of cognitive development aspect of his theory will be the most useful to me in my future career. Piaget’s sight of how children’s minds work as well as develop has been very much powerful, above all in educational.

In addition to this, Piaget’s particular approaching was the job of maturation that is simply growing up in children rising ability to be aware of their humankind: children cannot take on a number of tasks until they are sensitively mature sufficient to carry out so. However, his study has produced a great deal further, much of which has destabilized the aspect of his own, however like a lot of other innovative researchers, he anticipated that children’s philosophy does not build up completely easily in its place, there are a number of points at which it “takes off” and moves into totally innovative areas along with some abilities. If we understand his theory fully than his theory would be very helpful for us in our future. After understanding his theory we can bring up our children more successfully and more positively. In this way we can make our child philosophy. In short we can say that Piaget’s theory has contacted more the physical and psychological traits that change among each stage, despite the fact that this is obvious the growth of theoretical thinking and the acknowledgment of future results are of course a significant aspect in any ethical adjudication. I would like to at the present look at particularly how goodness develops according to Piaget’s theory, although recognizing, like Bee observes, that Piaget is better known for his job on “the early stages of moral reasoning in pre-school and elementary-school-age children”. Yes, certainly Piaget’s theory of cognitive development changed expectation for children now I can deal more effectively with my children that I work with every day. His theory is also very valuable in my daily work with children by understanding his theory being a grandparent and a day care provider I can make my children more successful.