ECE 332 week 4 journal



ECE 332: Child Development


Reflect on your coursework so far.  What have you learned so far that you think will be the most helpful in your future career? I have learned a lot in this course the learning center that promotes early development was very helpful from a future career point of view learning center would be more meaningful for me. In what ways can you see yourself using that newly discovered knowledge? This center My Little Tot’s will use comprehensive approach and main objective in this center would enables parents and also educators to play primary role in promoting language development and also developing literacy skills in rang of brith-3 years old children. Which assignment challenged you the most? Week 3 I think was the most challenging assignment from the whole course in what way did the assignment challenge you? By studying the whole theories of gender typing I complete the assignment that ultimately took roughly 2 hours or more the In completing what assignments did you find the most interesting and engaging? Week 4 because it was knowledgeable on develop the early language in the children along with milestones and certain activities also the brain development how it works I learned in this course. Why?  At this point, do you feel prepared to utilize the information you have gained thus far? Yes I feel I have proficient the course enough so that I can utilize the knowledge that I have gained from the whole course. The course of child development was very eye opening as well as challenging but I learned a lot of things that I feel is more important for me because I am in the procession of opening a center soon.   Why or why not?