Why Are Some Occupations Paid More Than Others

Why Are Some Occupations Paid More Than Others?

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Trends in the labor marketWhat factors affect supply & demandWhy do actors earn moreWhy do hedge fund executives make moreOther influencing factorsOther jobs that have the best mix of salary & other characteristics that individuals care about

Construction Employment 10 Year Trend


Supply and Demand

The construction industry is a cyclical industry.Rising incomes = rising demand for new construction.Lower income = conservative spending and reluctance to start new projects or build new construction.The economy affects decisions to invest in new real-estate, which in turn affects the demand patterns seen by construction companies.


A-List Actors/ActressThe Average Union Actor

Hedge Fund Executives

Aggressive Strategies2-20 Fee Structure

Other Influencing Factors

Personality TypeCulture & Religious Beliefs FamilyPrevious Experiences Skills & AbilitiesSocial & Economic ConditionsGender

Mix of Salary & Characteristics

Facebook: 4 Months paid maternity leave. Free meals. Unlimited sick days. GOOGLE: Free food, massages and haircuts. Doctors onsite.CostCo: Part-time employees qualify for insurance. Free samples.


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