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Social Media

In today’s society everyone has a social media page, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. When inviting individuals to ones social media page, they have to be mindful of the different opinions and/or perceptions it can give off to another person. Mr. Y had not taken those issues and concerns pertaining to the post on his page before inviting his colleagues to his social media page and it sparked more negative concerns that he was hoping for.

This scenario of Mr. Y has raised several issues and concerns. The first issue/concern is Mr. Y needs to address the website for making the statement of him being attracted to young girls. This could cause a defamation of character if the accusation was proven to be untrue. The second issue/concern is Mr. Y needed to be mindful of the amount of information he shared on his social media page. On occasions several individuals social media page has been hacked and their information misused on the internet. The third issue /concern the colleague should not have reported a controversial rumor to the principal. This can cause his colleague and other viewers to form the wrong perception of him.

There are several potential negative consequences to consider for the teacher, the student and the school community. The teacher could possibly lose their license to teach, be placed on suspension, may have to resign, or be confronted by the parents. The student may displaying aggressive behavior (hitting, yelling, stealing or kicking) and become nervous or fearful being around the teacher. The school’s credibility maybe in jeopardy due to someone didn’t perform a thorough back ground check on the teacher.

Mr. Y could have shown more responsibility by using self-control and not list a lot of personal information on his social media page. He didn’t take into consideration the consequences that would follow him on his page. (Character Counts (n.d.). One the other hand the website violated Mr. Y’s trust by posting that he likes young girls on his social media page. In the scenario Mr. Y didn’t say or state that he liked young girls. Mr. Y needs to address the website and make them accountable for their actions. (Character Counts (n.d.)


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