Class Gender Intersection

Class Gender Intersection





Class Gender Intersection

The responsibility of a teacher in class in schools and students are given less responsibility even the parents have changed and given all the responsibilities to teachers. Classroom environment there are varieties of instances which gender can be intersected with like race, sexuality and class. Intersection theory therefore comes in to explain the social inequalities of race, gender, class and sexuality which try to explain the nature which are associated with health inequalities. There is an influential tradition which is inspired by feminist and antiracist demands that the inequalities associated to gender, race and sexuality to be concerned with tandem (Simelane, 2010).

The teacher should incorporate multicultural education in class which deals with equity principle for all students regardless of their culture trying to remove all the barriers which may be included in educational opportunities (Norman, 2008).Teachers should modify special policies to eliminate educational discrimination because students come from different cultural backgrounds. Multicultural education tries to improve the success of the student without considering their cultural background considering those students from lower educational sectors. The teacher should educate the students about those historical events like female disabled or gay.

To conclude, accurate conceptualization of gender equality should contribute to the elimination of gender inequality (Norman, 2008). Gender equality is everyone’s right and should be taken with much weight. There is also the need to challenge traditional notions about gender which try to bring discrimination to people. In relation to equality of opportunities the all learner both girls and boys should be given equal positions. It is witnessed that gender inequality is not all about women but it is also seen in men so the disparities should be eliminated.


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