Disability and Education

Disability and Education




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Disability and Education

Children with disabilities when compared to the rest normally need special attention. Educators must always be at this versatile position to cater for these children at all point in time. This will ensure that the need s of these children are catered for and they get the best out of their studies. Collaboration between the educators is very important for this to be achieved. This is because each and everyone has a skill that will contribute towards the full education of the disabled child. Special educators are professionally to handle different levels and disabilities in children. Their cooperation with general teachers will lead them towards delivering the best of their knowledge to the children. Specially trained teachers will help general teachers in delivering their best (Danforth, 2006). This will eventually be a benefit to the children who are disabled.

Universal design for learning is very important strategy in that they provide a specific learning approach that is detailed to each and every student in the class. This is a unique measure that will serve all the students in class. Universal design for learning advocates for each student learning in a unique way as different students have different leaning capabilities and modes. The best overall strategy for doing this is giving each and every student in class their own questions and allowed to tackle while the teacher checks them. The questions ofcource will meet their capacity of ability, this will give the teacher a chance to know and access each and every performance of their children. Both the disabled and the rest. From this approach, it is clear that all the teachers can participate together in imparting the knowledge they have to the disabled students.


Danforth, S. (2006). Vital questions facing disability studies in education. New York: Peter Lang.

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