EDU 512 Gifted Students

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Gifted Students



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Gifted Students

Gifted underachiever students are backed- up by racial- ethnic minority and low income, this creates several issues that helps in their recognition. Generally, Asian American and African American students are gifted underachievers, who are mentally smart but when they face discrepancy between their actual performance and the measured performance, they are signified as ‘underachievers’. Some of the factors that help in easy recognition of gifted underachievers according to (Kim, 2013) are:

Pessimistic Attitude: Students belonging to Asian and African families generally have negative attitude about themselves and others, which declines there performance level. Mostly such students have presumptions that there will be biasness and they underrate themselves.

Lower Performance than Expected: It is generally seen gifted underachievers perform lower than the rate they can actually perform. There can be several reasons behind there under performance like family pressure, stress, work culture, etc. everything leaves its pressure.

Lower Self- Concept: Gifted underachiever students do not have any clear concept about themselves. They always underestimate themselves.

Culture: African- American students do not work hard knowingly as they do not want to hear -‘behaving like Whites’, as it is commonly assumed high performance is related to ‘Whites’ whereas low performance is related to ‘Blacks’.

Gifted underachiever students can be easily identified by the teacher through-

Personal interview: In a personal interview teacher can get to know about the student, at the time of admission.

Scholarship or Assistance Programs: It is generally found that Asian and African families are highly attracted towards such programs and try to perform very well in order to get some financial help or recognition.


Kim, K. (2013). Creatively gifted students are not like other gifted students research, theory, and practice. Rotterdam: Sense.

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