EDU 512 Language Learning

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Language Learning





Language Learning

Learning English as a second language becomes a hard task especially when learning English in a country where English is not her language. For example, there are those countries whereby English is not their official language this makes it hard for the learners to get education on this subject. Learners face a lot of challenges like limited learning environment in terms of learning facilities and the institution. In this case you find that the learning resources are not enough to cater for the students in need of the education. In addition to this books alone cannot make learners effective in English learning but also audio clips to help in language pronunciation.

English learners also face the challenge when they over-use their native language in classroom finding it difficult to use fluent English. Learners find it as a challenge because they are unable to commute well in class therefore the teachers should pretend they do not understand to force these students to speak and familiarize with English. They think thank the same broken language they use in the streets is the same they will use in academic wring making learners unserious on their studies. This makes the learner not to put more efforts to learn new word to boost the language they use. Teachers should be keen on this and let the learners make use of dictionaries without the consulting the teacher first (Howarth, 2010).

Those students who learn English as their second language find it difficult to determine who the best English teacher is. This becomes a problem because they cannot differentiate the best and poor English. Everything that the teacher teaches them they take it as correct and this leads to confusion whereby different teachers may tell different things. English which is spoken outside the classroom is very important because most of the students make efforts to do their best in class and less outside the class which is also very educative. Parent should be keen when their children make use of English to make sure they use proper English.

For the teachers to reduce the challenges faced by these students they need to develop a strategy in order to meet the needs of these learners. Teachers need to develop concept by elaborating and make more emphasis on the body movement to capture attention. The teachers also need to use formal and informal methods in order to use language which is lively and creates flavor to the language. English words should be repeated to enable the learners speak well in sentence construction which also improves fluency in speech. English learning should also employ questioning strategy so that the teacher can evaluate the level of the learners to make improvements (Cuevas, 2006).

In conclusion, a successful learning and teaching needs conducive environment for it to be effective. The environment should be safe and all the learning should be supported by every stakeholder to attain great success. This makes the learners feel that it is fun for them to be educated and allow room for more knowledge. Learners must be extra careful to use the right materials for learning as recommended by their teachers (Lee et al, 2008). The learner should also work hard towards their success and good use of teachers so that they can guide them to do the best. There is also need for the teachers to use pictorial for demonstration as it improves learners’ remembrance.


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