EDU 512 Multicultural Education Gifted Students

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Multicultural Education

Answer: In this global education environment it is highly essential for the teachers to adapt such teaching techniques that can be applied to every student. Students from different countries have different culture, family background, ethics, and psychology. Just by adopting a simple way of teaching pattern which should be not backed- up by any cultural difference can make healthy teaching environment (Gay, G. (2004). There are two basic ways through which teachers can provide multi- cultural knowledge to their while moving ahead with the curriculum-

Integrating Content: Teachers must try to link- up different cultural, ethical and religious values into curriculum, so, that students must feel comfortable while going through it. Teachers can teach students to work for country or for human wellness without considering racial differences, say for example, ‘White people’ and ‘Black people’ have wrong assumptions about each other’s capabilities which could be eliminated by focusing on the mental and physical capabilities of a ‘human being’ without focusing on their origin.

Reducing Prejudice: Teachers play a vital role in a students life. They can mould the students mind as per their wish, thus, it becomes extremely essential that teachers educate the students with optimistic approach. Students must be told about the benefits of working with other group which will enhance the relationship between students instead of telling the dark part about different groups, say for example, instead of telling students Chinese cannot speak english properly, it can be said that Chinese are highly attached to their culture and religion. Like this teachers can impart true knowledge without portraying any false image.

Equity Pedagogy: Teachers can change their pattern of teaching to facilitate good results easily. In this environment students will feel motivated to accomplish academic achievements, for example, study material can be made available in class as well as online, this will give students their personal space, as some students are hesitant to talk but are smart by nature.


Gay, G. (2004). Beyond Brown: Promoting equality through multicultural education. Educational Leadership 19(3), 192– 216.

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