EDU 512 Multicultural Family and Community Involvements

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Community involvement in education





There are many challenges faced by parent while educating their children. Children who are cared by one parent also face many problems. Parenting is not easy and single parenting is tougher as it entails added responsibilities for this paren. There is a challenge of dealing with the child all alone as a single parent where the responsibilities of both parents are needed. This challenge can also be known as scheduling whereby single parents need to keep afloat with the schedule which is really a challenge. A single parent faces a problem of balance as he/she is needed to balance all the responsibility at home including all the children’s needs (Coleman, 2008).

Financial problem is one of the major problems faced by this group of people as it become hard for them to educate education for their children without the cash. If you a single parent and you are not well off this challenge magnifies and need you to plan for the expenses. All the parents faced by these challenges should understand ways of overcoming them and be able to cope with the situation. These problems are tremendous more so for a single parent who has a low income generating business. You find that these parents have stress and depression on educating their children until they start neglecting themselves (Patterson, 2005).

In conclusion, these parents need to seek support from the government or from some of the private sectors so that their children can be sponsored if at they unable to support them. They can also secure a better place of releasing their problems so that they can feel comfort and free from anger. This helps to reduce the level of stress which might at extreme point lead to stomach ulcers. If it is the case with responsibilities of single parenting which might result due to divorce, you can as well share the responsibilities and let the child enjoy all the privileges from both parents.


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