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Social Positioning




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Social Positioning

In the American society today, and indeed across the world, there exists social classes, and everyone has their place in the society. While everyone has their place in the society, there are some things that contribute to one being in a particular social class. It is a fact that some of these the factors that determine your position in the society include wealth, education, personal achievement and ethnic background, among other factors.

While some of these factors may be beyond our control, most of them are what we can manipulate to through effort and hard work. Factors like being wealthy are what everyone can work towards, by working hard. Wealth can influence your position in the society today, largely because of what money can do. The rich and wealthy are treated differently in public offices, in banking halls, and anywhere they can buy their way to being favored. Hard work can get someone to be rich and learned, thus being able to determine their place in the society, unlike struggling citizens. An example would be if one wanted to become a congressman or a politician so that they can have the chance to represent and lean the people. It is impossible to become a politician today in America, owing to the financial commitments involved. Being better placed in the society means that you can choose who to become, and what to become without being limited by anything. Other factors that can influence your place in the society are not dependent on hard work or anything else, but are just a matter of fate. Coming from a royal/powerful family and being of an ethnic background that is considered superior can influence ones position in the American society.

Ones standing in the society, therefore, is a position that can be influenced by hard work, while other contributing factors are purely a matter of luck and fate.


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