Why Developing community relationship is important

The community is able to bring growth in enrollment to the school; while at the same time, the school brings activities and resources to help those in the community. Parents are able to support their children and participate in activities when they are part of the community.It enhances the students self-esteem when they have the help of the community.The school brings awareness to the community by making resources available to families.

Trinity Christian academy

Trinity is one of the best school with a history of good academic and athletic performance. Being a mission school it is built on Christian values with a loving but firm approach to discipline and dress code, promotes an atmosphere in which learning can take place. Sitting on 150 acres in west Jacksonville. In addition to classroom space, the facilities include two fully equipped science labs, music auditoriums, a gymnasium, five computer labs and various athletic fields for sports; such as, football and baseball.Teachers and staff are eager and excited to direct students in enhancing their academic skills and knowledge. The results bring positive results in students excelling in their academic subjects; which earns the school compliments, awards and recognition. The school extra curricular activities like sports have also brought great recognition and they have had the privilege of competing in state championships in football and baseball.

What have students been doing for the community?

Students have been doing a great deal for the community. Their efforts in extra curricular activities, volunteer services and academic groups or many. Their performance in these activities a produced much support from organizations; leading to their influences and involvement to the well being of humanity.The alumnae students have also brought several innovative ideas to the community. There are some that donate their time and finances; by educating families on skills they can use to find work. This has helped people find opportunities and develop business ideas; allowing them to become entrepreneurs as well. There are also some alumnae’s that come back and work for the school.The community has also benefited from their volunteer work by planting trees and serving meals to the homeless. Through this they have educated the community on ways to farm and give back.The school has also hosted workshops and training on the grounds. Many seminars have also been held at the school and students were able to enjoy the dormitories and classes.

How will the community support the school and its students

The community can offer top performing students in academics as well as sports.Some members in the community that work for great companies or organizations can seek financial or any type of support needed. Our political leaders in the community can support projects in the classroom or purchase buses and provide the necessary items needed in support of the school.The community should offer land for he expansion of the school and to cater to the student needs and growth in the school’s population. The community can let their children be a part of the school. This helps in increasing the school’s population; which increases the funding from the government.

Parent role for students & schools support

Parents have a major role to play. The students success is determined by the efforts of the parent. The parent should always give as much support as necessary; this includes moral, financial and encouragement. The school should have the parents full support when necessary.Maintaining a positive relationship between the school and the community is imperative to create a mature union with the same goal in mind; which is support for all.


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