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EDU 635 Community & Youth Development

Initiative, Purpose & Vision

My assignment would be to form a committee that whose task would be to create a community event; such as a picnic whose primary focus will be on youth and family. I will have adult and youth volunteers from the community that will help with planning activities to help these new families feel welcome. One activity should include an introduction; this activity should encourage each person to get with one person that they do not know and introduce themselves and tell one thing about them and their family. This is a great starter; if it is a success use this opportunity to talk about larger projects. When a community comes together, it generates social and emotional learning for both parent and children. This also teaches the community how to work together, communicate, solve issues as a group and develop relationships. These activities generates comradery with the youth and adults. There are many adults who feel uncomfortable in different setting; which trickles down to their children. This is an awesome way to prepare for a successful life (Lenz, 2007). Families are important as well as communities. Setting standards and working together will bring nothing but success for each party that is involved. Communities are made up of adults and youth and one must be reminded that the young are our future leaders; therefore, as adults we must be a positive model that ensures the communities work together and are successful. The chart below displays the many races within Jacksonville, Florida but not restrained to the percentage for each individual race. This chart also includes the fiscal status and housing demographics for Jacksonville in contrast to other cities and surrounding areas.

Illustration of the 40 Developmental Assets


SupportEmpowermentBoundaries/ExpectationsConstructive use of TimeCommit to LearnPositive ValuesSocial CompetencePositive Identity

Table: Summary

Charter Schools goals are to ensure that each child develops independence and success in becoming a lifelong learner. The ultimate goal is for every child to be an asset in their community once they become adults. The bond between school and community is strengthened by daily support that expands across the district (Jacksonville charter Schools 2014-2015). My mission as a parent is to make sure that I am actively involved in my children’s education and make certain that they also know and understands the importance of having an education.Make information available for families that will support and encourage them in developing a positive life and aide those families that are in need of help for children with disabilities, infants or at risk youth.Joshua Christian Faith Center’s mission for the youth of this specific community is to bring “glory” to God in everything we do. Same as AboveMission & Vision is the same as Joshua Christian Faith Center.Girls & Boys Scouts Mission: To train youth to make moral decisions over their lifetime by imparting values.Girls & Boys Scouts Vision: To train to become responsible leaders in society.


Jacksonville Community Charter SchoolsDuval ReadsJacksonville Community CharterC. Green(parent)Jacksonville Community CharterJoshua Christian Faith Center

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}The vision that I have for the youth is that children should be respected by adults; so they will understand their worth. This also teaches them to respect others. Youth should be afforded the necessary skills and resources and knowledge that will help them to develop and grown and successful learners in their lives.

Research Data of Jacksonville

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}StatisticsJacksonvilleFloridaNationalPopulation 2017821,78420.987.6 BillionPopulation Density (sq. mi)110033481205Median Age35.542.737.8Male/Female Ration0.9:196:100 or 0.961.0:1Married (15 years & older)42.1%58%56%Speak English90.60%27.295%Speak Spanish20.8%58.5%80.5%

Jacksonville Community Festival

How the Initiative Supports a Positive Environment


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