Effective Communication Partnership in Italy

Case Study 12 – Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy

Discuss how Melissa’s communication style impacted the performance of the Italian partners.

Melissa’s communication style had an immense impact of the performance of the Italian partners. Before she had arrived the partner was folding and had not come close to expectations. The original reason for their negative attitudes was the lack of response when they requested simple information from their American partner. When the Italians received the information they felt that had gained a mutual trust and belonging with Melissa who they believed was a top business woman within the company. Through Melissa’s swift action at the partner they raised expectations and planned to set future highs in their own sales.

What do you think were the primary sources of information prior to Melissa’s visit?

The primary source of information before Melissa visit was her colleagues. Her colleagues had all the answers to the questions. Her colleagues canceling the trip to Moscow also made the company look bad. Melissa was force to get the company back on track. This forced Melissa to find out the answers to the questions before she left for Italy. Her company was not holding up their end of the business partnership which made her frustrated.

What do you think the primary sources of information will be after Melissa’s visit?

Melissa’s primary source of information after her visit was the frustration of her company’s Italian counterparts. The US partner had not upheld their end of the business deal by providing some basic product information. Melissa provided that and answered all their questions and explained the business process eliminating their source of frustration. The Italian counterparts will look to Melissa for information and help dealing with any new products going forward in the future. This is due to Melissa coming the Italy prepared and able to answer most all questions on the spot that the Italian company had but had not received answers to when asked before Melissa arrived.

What might account for Melissa’s change in attitude about dealing with the Italian partners after her visit?

Melissa’s change in attitude was a result of understanding and listening to the various frustrations and issues the Italian partners had with the company thru communication. Since she was able to communicate and address their questions she was able to set the foundation of a “partnership or relationship” with them. This foundation was imperative if the Italians were going to understand how their roles were important and work as a team to meet the company’s demands. Additionally, they were able to accept and work as a team to reach their new goals set by their American partners. Due to the Italian’s change in attitude and commitment to the new product, Melissa was confident if not sure they would continue to be successful. Melissa’s attitude also was changed after the initial day of meetings. The Italian counterparts were more welcoming to Melissa and felt that she was a professional businesswoman. With this feeling the Italians arranged for a dinner party in honor for Melissa before she left and introduced her to the company and their families.

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