Effective environmental scanning

Effective environmental scanning





Effective environmental scanning

Environment scanning is a necessity in an organization as changes within the environment occur rapidly which impacts organization’s business. the analysis also provides identity to threats, weakness/strengths and opportunities. Scanning basic purpose is to assist the management in determination of the organization’s future direction (Ebrahimi & Sawyerr, 2016). Leaders can initiate this process in the following ways:

By employing the above strategies during environment scanning in an organization, the leader will fulfill effective creativity as well as better understanding of both external and internal contexts (Ebrahimi & Sawyerr, 2016). On the contrary, the organization’s performance will be boosted.

  1. Participants and responsibility identification: who are the business participants in the scanning process and their tasks (Ebrahimi & Sawyerr, 2016). Each and every employee should take part in environmental scanning on a certain level.
  2. Scanning activities to be carried out: some information gathering tools are, questionnaires, magazines, studies of market research, surveys and group focus.
  3. Trends and Important issues analysis: most of the trends are available in the magazines and it is easy to select.
  4. Selection of the reported results to work on: this step involves the evaluation of the necessary results to implement
  5. Continuous Basis scanning: this should not be a one-time activity; therefore, it should be done frequently for better organization performances.


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